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but again, a dusting. a kayaker needed to be rescued after being stuck in an ice floe along the 30 toe mack river. an air board for the charles county fire department sprung a leak trying to assist in the rescue. a helicopter helped save those rescue workers as well as the kayaker. hundreds of students evacuated into the cold today after a report that somebody with a gun on campus. the high school in northeast washington was bogged down for several hours. scott has the very latest. hi, scott. >> it was a tense day here at svenguard high school after a security guard saw a suspect she thought with a gun in his pocket. it sparked a lockdown and evacuation and a complete search of this high school, which turned up no suspect or gun. tonight, leaving this entire incident ununcomfortable mystery. third period, and police swarm the svenguard high school with
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overwhelming force. >> it's crazy. >> reporter: while students are angered at reports of a gun in school. >> some security is in there. they're not doing their job. >> reporter: but police credit a school security officer with raising the alarm. >> a security guard was patrolling the building, the interior of the building. she was on the second floor near a stairwell. she observed a subject that she described as a black, light- skinned male with what appeared to be a handgun protruding from his pocket. >> reporter: 500 students were evacuated to the school's secure fenced-in football stadium, while dogs and officers swept the building room by room for more than an hour. they found nothing. >> it's very unusual. you know, there's no evidence yet that the person had the weapon; but at the same time, you have to take all precautions. >> students filed back into the building and were screened by metal detectors on the way in; but the teens said their confidence is shaken. >> they're letting kids get in with certain stuff, like phones, even though we're not supposed to have phones,
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they're letting them get them in. so they're saying, if they're letting them get in with phones, they don't know they could be sending in with a weapon, too. >> people could kick the side door and let you in. i mean -- >> there will be additional security added this evening and for the next couple of weeks in and around the school. the circumstances of what happened of what happened today are being investigated. >> reporter: sven guard is protected by metal detectors at the doors every day. there is a security staff as well, and there are security video cameras inside this school, so a review of that video will be a part of the follow-up investigation here. reporting live in southeast washington, scott broom, 9 news now and thanks, scott, a lot. what began as a case of three run away middle school girls may, indeed, be a case of kidnapping, that according to the father of one of the girls, the notorious gang ms-13 could be involved. or mannedo autrell is live with
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details. >> reporter: the reason parent say ms-13 may be involved in the disappearance of the teenagers is because one of the girls was allegedly date a gang member and that that gang member's cell phone was used the day the girls went missing to call the skirl to say one of the girls. parent contend that ms-13 is behind the disappearance. >> reporter: a desperate and tearful message for a missing 14-year-old daughter from her mother. >> natalie, alison rakim and jocelyn have been missing since wednesday, and parents feared the 8th graders might be in the hands of ms-13 gang members. >> there may have been gang members involved in your daughter's disappearance. >> they think the girls may have been kidnapped by the gang or taken away, you know, against their will. what sort of information do you
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have about that? >> well, very true that they're communicating that message, and they're communicating it with the detectives, and a good part of that is that there's this open line of communication with the parents and the detectives, and that information is one of several parts of bits of information. >> reporter: police security cameras never caught the girls being taken away by anyone. they saw the girls when day arrived, and were dropped off by the parents. the girls did some text message messaging on their cell phone and walked out of view of the cameras. >> that's why police originally thought the missing girls were one away, but they say all of this new information may have changed the case. >> and police say that they have interviewed the man that allegedly made that phone call to say the girl was missing and that he claims he had nothing to do with the girl's
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disappearance. they've also interviewed the girl that allegedly made the threat. at this point, everyone is denying any involvement in the disappearance. in the meantime, police say they have added the girl's information to the national missing children's registry as well as the center for missing addicts for the children. reporting live from the police department, armando school, 9 news now and thanks for that. three men helped to rescue a pregnant woman and a passenger from a burning car this morning. it happened at the intersection of new jersey avenue and q street. witnesses say the women's car hit a pole and both the woman and her passenger were taken to the hospital. a cab driver shot in the place three blocks from a busy dc neighborhood is in a hospital this evening. happened saturday night in the 1700 mock of peach tree northwest and the u street door door. the barwood cab driver was double-parked along team street when it happened. police say he was conscious
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when it was found, but unable to provide investigators with a lot of information. a young woman in dc's glover park woke up sunday morning with a man she did not know in her bed. the attack in the 3800 block of caller have street has some of the characteristics of the so- called cud lower, who struck many times around georgetown university, but dc police are not ready to make the leap. the neighborhood was visited today. >> it was something we kind of always joke about. seemed like a funny thing. >> reporter: maureen mullin is just moving out of glover park, but had longer heard about the cud lower. >> it's really scary. it's something we were always vigilant about keeping our doors locked and windows locked. >> reporter: it was around 6:15 sunday morning when a woman living in the 3800 block of calvert street woke up with a man in her bed who was cuddling with her. when she screamed, he ran out the back door. the woman says she was not physically harmed. >> i think it's another example of the fear that women experience in our society, that
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at any time, we could wake up and there could be someone in our bed. >> reporter: jane palmer lives in the neighborhood and had previously worked with victims of sexual assault. she worries that calling the attacker a cud lower trivializes the incident. >> i think there should be more of an out cry about this sort of thing. instead i've heard more jokes about it than people being concerned. >> reporter: police are treating this somewhat similar incident separately from a series of attacks that occurred. there were 11 such attacks around georgetown's campus with the most recent in august. one of them involved a rape. >> no one wants to wake up with anyone else in their house, let alone their bed. >> the victim of sunday's attack did not get a look at the man who was in the bed with her. mark mcgwire comes clean. brad is here with the latest. >> bruce it's hardly a shocking revelation. just about anybody with two eyes and a cable box could tell
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maguire had done something to alter his body over the course of his career, but after 8 years of denials, the timing is curious. he issued a written statement today saying he did use steroids off and on throughout most of his career, including that 1998 season, when he broke the record with 70 home runs in a single campaign. maguire apologized in the statement, saying he wish he had never played in the officer ready era. his confession comes days after the latest hall of fame class was announced, and maguire again was well short of the votes required for enshrinement. perhaps he believes the new- found candor will sway voters in the future. i will have more details coming up at six. back to you. thanks for that. democrats are lining up tonight to defend senate majority leader harry reid. a new book quotes him making some racially charged remarks about president barack obama. joel brown joins us now live from capitol hill with the latest. joel? >> reporter: yeah, lesley. the majority leader apologized personally to the president over the weekend, then again
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publicly today. but republicans say it's only fair to keep pushing the issue. >> the white house is standing behind the senate's embattled majority leader harry reid. >> the president got that apology from senator reed, didn't take offense to it, and has moved on. >> reporter: reed's under fire after comments he made showed up in the book "game change," a new tell all about the '08 campaign. while speaking favorably about president obama's presidential hopes, reed described him as a light-skinned african-american with, quote, "no negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one." >> i've apologized to the president. i've apologized to everyone that -- with the sound of my voice, that i could have used a better choice of words. >> if that would have been mitch mcconnell saying that about an african-american candidate for the united states, trust me, this chairman and the dnc would be screaming for his head. >> reporter: republicans argue there is a double standard in
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washington when it comes to race. they point to the controversy that cost their own former senate majority leader his job. in 2002, lott praised senator strom thurmond's 1948 segregationist presidential campaign. lott was forced to resign his leadership post, but bet commentator johnson says the situations don't compare. >> what we heard on the other side with trent lott was about seeing a system maintained that decking regated a segment of people. >> reporter: reed may survive the controversy for now, but it promises to only complicate what was shaping up to be a tough reelection battle in november. and with health care and other issues still undecided on the hill, the white house is eager to move on from this out of political necessity as well. . the president quite frankly needs harry reid here to help with his initiatives. live on capitol hill tonight, i'm joel brown. leslie, back to you. thanks for that.
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fairfax county voters head to the poles tomorrow for a special election. they are voting to fill the state senate seat being vacated by attorney general elect kim kucinelli. david marsden and steven hunt are up for the district 37 seat. the district is here in beige. it steps from springfield to centerville, and includes chantilly fair oak and sections of burke and west springfield. right now, the streets around a water main break in du pont circle in the district are back open. the break caused big problems this morning at 17th and peach streets. the contractor for the dc department of transportation actually hit the 20-inch main. parts of 17th and beaver were closed for hours as crews worked to repair that main. in virginia, there was a 6- inch main that caused major traffic jams today where griffith road meets mcgarrity road. crews needed to shut down the entire intersection for several hours this morning to make repairs. 11 houses lost their water servers. it's time now for a check on the evening rush.
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back in the 90s now traffic center. >> hey there, good evening, everyone where the evening commute is off to a slow start on interstate 95 on the virginia side as we check out this live picture. very slow from back lake to past ewing here. then drivers hit the brakes to route 123. whether headed out or home on 270, volume spreads. we're not seeing any incident or accidents on this stretch so far. finally, we've been talking about all these water main brakes. another one to tell you about, eastbound 564 in prince george's county in glendale boulevard. only one lane getting by. moderate even in areas where water main has been fixed. excess water can turn icy overnight. so use extra caution. take it easy out there. sarah palin regularly rips the media, but today she signed up as a contributor for one cable network. how do america's big-three
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automakers come back after a dismal 2009? i'm drew levinson at the north american auto show in detroit. also law enforcement authorities interviewed three more wizards today over the gilbert arenas investigation. we're back in a minute.
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nasdaq was down 4 and 3 quarters, and the s and p closed out 2 quarters today. and this news: metro plans to lay off 60 workers a cost- cutting measure that will save about $2 million. metro is also cutting about 90 unfilled positions, but the job cuts will primarily affect administrative employees. the latest lundberg survey pounds the average price of regular gas is $2.74, up 14 cents in the past two weeks. cheyenne, wyoming has the lowest average price, anchorage has the highest.
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cars getting a lot of attention at this year's auto show. true levinson reports the big three are trying to get back on track after a tough year. >> reporter: detroit is showing off its best for the new year. hard to do after reeling from a year in which two of the big three filed for bankruptcy. eddie otterman says right now, america's automakers aren't sure how to turn things around. >> everybody is throwing stuff up at the wall and seeing what sticks. >> reporter: ford hopes the new focus is the answer. >> how beautiful and cool is the new ford focus? >> the automaker calls it the first global car. using parts the world over, it's the same car sold in detroit and do buy, and that ford says is the key to making money on small cars. to give you a good idea of how things turned upside down, this is chrysler's exhibit. for the first time ever it's not introducing anything new,
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no new cars, no new trucks. >> what's that tell us? >> they really don't have much money right now, and there's no more energy in the system to create a new car until the grand cherokee comes out at the end of next year. >> reporter: general motors, which cut half of its eight brands last year and took a government bail south ready to get back in the game. >> for the first time in a long time, we're in a position to win. >> it's steering drivers toward the much hyped electric car, the volt. gm is racing to get it into its showrooms. gm, ford and chrysler hope, after a dismal decade, to shift into a new gear. drew levinson, cribs news, detroit. today the ford fusion took the car of the year award, and the ford transit connect won truck of the year. baltimore is following the district's lead to try to help people get around town. charm city debuted its own version of the circular bus today. initially the bus will just run between hollins market and harbor east via the inner
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harbor, but two more lines will start running this spring. >> the circular bus here is often empty. >> yeah, it is. >> i love the circular bus. >> you may be the only one. >> may be. maybe that's why i love it. >> you mentioned snow? >> a little weak system coming through, some flurries, a snow shower coming through. the problem is the timing. we'll talk about that in a minute. take you out to a reporter out in portland, oregon. look at this, she's hanging on for dear life in hood river. >> that looks like a blooper reel. >> she hung on, got to give her credit. then she goes down. >> oh. >> the winds have to be about 70 to 80, because i've been in the maryland wind tunnel enough for you to know it's strong enough for you to be knocked down. >> that's perseverance. >> looking like the wind tunnel, hairs going back, skin going back. >> i don't look my best. >> here are the next three days. 35 tomorrow, still breezy a
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little cloudy to start. then we're in good shape. here are the temps, sunshine on wednesday, 41, sunshine on thursday, almost 50. i know i was toying with the idea of putting 50 there for thursday last week. we're going to get there. tonight, mostly cloudy, cold, flurries or a snow shower possible. winds will become northwest earl at 10 to 15, but not until after midnight. let me show you live doppler. you can access this on the web at our web site. here is a skinny line of snow showers stretching down toward leesburg, into western fairfax county into warren tonight. doesn't take much to make it slippery. temps are freezing, but they'll go above freezing as precipitation begins to fall. back to the computer. we'll talk about lows tonight. the clouds will keep temps up tonight. twenty-five in type son-in-law, and we're looking at 24 in great falls, 25 in silver inning enter, 24 in buoy, and 24 in marlboro.
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right now, 34 gaithersburg, 34 in vienna, 35 wood bridge and 36 toward fredericksburg. still another cold day. not as brutally cold as it was, but no bargain. tomorrow skies return partly cloudy, breezy and cold, 20s and 30s, winds northwest at 10 to 15. windchills will be in the teens again tomorrow. i think it will improve a little tomorrow. by tomorrow afternoon, partly cloudy, breezy, still cold, the winds northwest early at 10 to 15. >> surveillance picture radar combined, zooming in. look at the snow showers across the ohio valley, great lakes, eastern lakes, into the tennessee valley and the mid atlantic. now, these are going to rotate through here tonight. most will get raked out in the mountains. so all of the advisories are west of the divide, through garrett county and pimableton county. but a couple could sneak over between now and tomorrow morning. temperatures this morning, by the way, we had some single digits around culpepper and me nass success and it was 33 this morning in miami beach.
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wow. all right. zone forecast, zones on the web site, too, on wusa 34 winchester, 34 leesburg, but 37 tomorrow in wood bridge with sunshine, still breezy; and then to the east, 35 downtown, mid to upper 30s for annapolis and lusby, a small craft advisory in effect through tuesday. the next 7 days, 35 tomorrow, breezy. then look at this, low 40s or around 40 on wednesday, near 50 on thursday. we put some 50s on here, 50 on friday, partly cloudy, upper 40s on saturday; and at one time, looked like a storm over the weekend. keeping it cloudy, but the sun should stay to the south, mid 40s, and back up around 50 on monday. so we could conceivably call this the january thaw. >> look at that. >> think so? >> 5-0. we have a new leader for a local university. >> more on the picks ahead. the university of virginia, that's coming up. why would today's youth be five times as stressed out as youths who lived during the depression? i'm peggy fox.
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we'll take a look coming up.
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provost at the university of michigan. a new study has some disturbing findings about today's youth. it found five times as many high school and college age students have anxiety and other mental health issues than the young people of the great depression. peggy fox takes a look at the possible reasons behind the findings. >> i have stress i have to deal with. >> reporter: it's not a surprise. call 3-2-1. it's not a surprise college students today are stressed out. >> balancing our social life with our school obligations can cause a lot of stress for a lot of people. >> reporter: but more stressed out than those of the great depression. that's what researchers at five universities found. they analyzed the responses in a long running survey of more than 77,000 high school or college students from 1938 to 2007. >> i thought it was a credible study.
5:25 pm
>> reporter: george mason psychologist dr. jerome short says many factors contribute to the strength and anxiety levels affecting today's students. >> young people aren't getting enough sleep. they're eating too much, not getting enough exercise, so those will affect your mood and your psychological functioning and your learning. >> reporter: also because today's families are less stable and more spread out, support systems aren't as strong as they used to be, and he says the internet can add to the pressure. the lead author of the study says today's extreme focus on external features such as wealth, look and status help to contribute increasing mental health issues. >> with the presence of the media and facebook and my space web sites, that adolescents do lots of comparisons with each other, and in general they tend to exaggerate how well they're doing at everything. that creates a lot of pressure. >> on top of everything, just want to get through school and get out of this mess. >> reporter: in fairfax,
5:26 pm >> we have more information on the study underway. the least economically stressed. arlington county ranks 12th in the associated press's monthly analysis of. sarah palin has a new job in tv. we'll tell you where she's headed coming up. plus the new addition to the panda family soon may be coming to the national zoo. we'll keep you posted. plus a local four-year-old girl wakes up in the middle of the night, manages to let herself out the front door and take a walk around the block. how she was found coming up right after the break.
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now officers plan to review the school surveillance video. in leesburg virginia,
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police searching for three eighth grade girls missing since last wednesday. relatives fear the girls might be in the hands of a notorious gang, ms-13. they say one of the girls was dating a member whose phone was used to tell the school the girl would not be coming to class. baseball's mark mcgwire admits what many long suspected, yes, he used steroids while breaking the home run record back in 1998. he said he felt an obligation to come clean with his new job as st. louis cardinals' hitting coach. a leesburg girl is home safe with her family tonight after quite an adventure. the girl left her home on plaza street while her parents were still sleeping, and wandered several long blocks in her pajamas in the bitter cold until someone rescued her at a gas station. >> reporter: mom isn't talking to reporters, but here's what we know from police: the little girl apparently woke in the middle of the night, climbed up on a vacuum cleaner
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and unlatched the dead bolt, walked down the stairs across a busy street; about a half mile down icy sidewalks. she ended up in the median of edwards ferry road just across from the sheets gas station at 2:30 in the morning. her parents didn't even know? >> they had no idea. >> oh, my. >> reporter: there's clear plenty of candy and goodies inside the sheets, and there's a mcdonald's right next door. we don't know if that's why the little girl wandered this half mile or so from her house, but we do know that she must have been very cold. it was just 16 degrees. she was wearing just a pair of pajama panels, but she did have the presence of mind to put on a warm batman vest. >> the girl was able to guide parents back to her neighborhood and her parents'
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car, which led back to her apartment, where she was returned unharmed. >> just do it. you can't blink your eyes with them. >> i have an autistic daughter. she's never gotten away, and she is a houdini. but, you know, you've got to keep track of your kids. >> reporter: and maybe install a better lock. >> a higher-up lock, a channel- type lock that's positioned higher up on the door. >> reporter: in leesburg, bruce lashay, 9 news now and police say at this point, they do not think the girls' parents did not do anything wrong. the father who orchestrated the hoax about his son being stranded in a hot air balloon is behind bars tonight. richard heany reported to the jail in colorado this morning. he was sentenced to 90 days in jail. heany is eligible for a work release. after he's released his wife is due to start serving some jail time for the hoax. jason williams has agreed to a plea deal in a case involving the accidental shooting of his limo driver.
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williams pleaded guilty to a lesser count of for aggravated assault today. the previous trial ended with a hung jury. williams is expected to serve 18 months in jail. just last week, you might recall that williams was charged with drunk driving after crashing his suv into a tree. jury selection was delayed today in the trial of a man accused of killing an abortion doctor. prosecutors say they need more time to challenge last week's ruling, but scott roeder's lawyer should have the chance to make a case for a lesser charge, of volunteer manslaughter. roeder faces meditated first- degree murder charge in the death of dr. george tiller back in may. we will not get to see video from inside the courtroom, where judges are hearing arguments about california's same-sex marriage referendum. that was the first decision out of a federal trial to decide if that law violates the constitution. california voters narrowly approved the ban on same sex marriages in november of 2008. the lawyer defending the right of same-sex couples to marry calls it a teaching moment.
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>> it's a right that's protected by the constitution. that supreme court held over and over again that it may be one of our most fundamental rights. >> several million californians have voted to preserve or restore what marriage has meant since the beginning of time, and if they're permitted to do something as basic as that, there's something wrong that. >> reporter: the supreme court upheld the want last year, but say the 18,000 same-sex couples that had already been married in the state could remain so. aol says it needs to lay off as many as 1,200 workers to reach the goal of cutting about a third of it workforce. the company said it hoped to avoid layoffs, but not enough employees voltd to accept buyouts. product tamp snerg that's
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what the food and drug administration is trying to answer tonight about gator aide bottles popping up over colorado. they show a picture of tiger woods and his wife with the words "northern california." the small print says 1,000 bottles were placed in stores across the state of colorado. the recession has taken on a toll on super bowl advertising. a 30-second commercial sells for $2 and a half million this year, down from 3 million last year. of course, you can watch the big game this year, sunday, february 7th right here on wusa 9. lots of eyes on the national zoo tonight. scientists think giant panda mashon may be pregnant. the giants trying their own hand at mating on saturday, but zoo officials aren't sure they were so successful. they artificially insemi-nated him on sunday. could take about four month to find out if she's expecting. >> the news less than an hour away. katie couric joins us live with a preview. hi, katie. >> hey, bruce, i recognize that
5:36 pm
voice. nice to hear it tonight. coming up on the cbs evening news, we're going to have an exclusive investigation. how many members of congress and their staff got all-expense paid trips to copenhagen on your dime, and who brought along your family? we'll follow the money. plus nasa astronauts don't normally work on social experiments, but for steve hartman, they made an exception to learn everyone in the world has a story. the series begins tonight only on the cbs evening news after 9 news now. bruce, back to you. >> katie, thanks a lot. good to see you again. okay. sarah palin will take her conservative message to fox news regular commentator. in a statement, the former alaska governor and 2008 republican vice presidential candidate says, quote, "wonderful to be part of a place that's values fair and balanced news." palin will offer political commentaryly and analysis. we have a bridge to sell you, really. it's the route 545 bridge over little elk creek in child's
5:37 pm
maryland. you know where that is. that is is in cecil county. the bridge was built in 1932 at 27-feet wide, it falls 5 feet short of federal regulations to handle traffic. the maryland state highway administration hopes someone will buy the bridge and move it to another local, so it can build a bridge that meets federal standards. do we know how much the bridge costs, jeff? i don't know. you name your price. they may take. >> it they may never see the bridge. just take your word there is a bridge out there. >> time to get a check of the rush hour. hey there. >> from one bridge, bruce, to another. this one probably won't be attracting many buyers given how much traffic it affects every night. on the left side of your screen, the inner loop jammed from 267 all the way to the spur, and beyond that, east from bethesda to the mormon avenue, drivers hitting the brakes there. as we hit the maps on the 270, accidents to tell you about. this is blacking the left left- handed lane. as you can see traffic
5:38 pm
significant delays all the way to german town. watch that if headed up to 270 tonight. that is a look at traffic tonight. still to come, the pope speaks out about a man-made phenomenon's effect on god's creatures. and simon could's bombshell announcement this afternoon rocks "american ideal" fans. we'll be back.
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american "idol judge simon could says he's leaving the show at the end of the upcoming season. he plans to join the u.s. version of his british show the x factor when it premiers in the state sometime next year. the season's original host paula abdul has been replaced by ellen degeneres. still ahead, the bottom line in the price behind one of the tech's hottest new gadgets. plus we'll help you keep uncle sam of taking a big bite
5:42 pm
out of your wallet. i'm sarah walsh, where the wizards know the worst could be yet to come. how they are handling what they have called an embarrassment. that story ahead. pretty cold tonight. not the wind we've had, but plenty of cold. you can access this on our almanac on wusa weather click weather data, and you will see almanac. 36 and 20 goes in the books. an average of 42 and 27. we'll come back and talk about the potential for a little bit of snow tonight. she notices when my skin's rough.
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(announcer) gold bond ultimate softening lotion. with shea butter for soft healthy skin. gold bond ultimate softening. this stuff really works. when chinese manufacturers took lady out of children's jewelry, they put another dangerous metal in, cadmium, a carcinogen that can impact a child's brain development. it turned up in jewelry tested at major retailers, including bracelets like the ones you see right here i'm holding in front
5:46 pm
of the camera. these were sold at claire stores. we spoke with the cpsc today, and they told us their investigators are in china to address the issue this week, but they also plan to conduct their own tests. metal jewelry has been on the agency's radar for some time. for the last two years, they have urged parents not to purchase it for children under the age of eight. well, federal tax laws in recent years have changed draus drastically, and adjustments made for 2010 are no exception. from exemptions to education to extra credit for going green, the adjustments all add up when it comes to uncle sam. >> reporter: ashley stevenson owns a salon and is now getting ready to own a home, too. >> has a lot of great architecture inside, arways and doorways and vaulted ceilings. >> here is something else she loves, the tax credit extended from last year to cover first- time home buyers for this year. >> you have until april 30th to have purchased a home or to
5:47 pm
have made a contract on the home and have settled in the home by june 30th. that credit this year sup to $8,000. that is for individuals or married filing jointly. if you're filing a separate return, it will be half that amount. >> reporter: and you can choose to use the credit in either 2009 or '010. long-term homeowners on the move get a credit, too, as long as they've lived in their current house for five of the last eight years, investment and vacation hopes don't count, and it still pays. >> up to 30% of the cost to install energy efficient changes to your property, up to $1500 is available this year. >> reporter: but you have to claim it for the year you're making purchases. if you're paying for yourself or a dependent, the credit is up to $25 lurks 00. one other note, those who qualify can pay the tax due over two years. ashley is one of those who qualifies. >> it's definitely a bonus.
5:48 pm
>> here's another heads up. the real irs will not send you any e-mails. so don't open any if you receive them. it could send you to a fake irs site, and these are identity thieves trying to steal your personal information. so forward those phony e-mails to phishing at that is fishing with a ph. google's new nexus 1 phone is getting a lot of attention these days, but its price tag is dropping some jaws. the phone costs $529 without a contract, $179 if you sign up with a service. but today we're learning the phone costs just $5 less to make than the iphone. the apple model sells for $199 when you buy it with service from the manufacturer. eke. less than 15 minutes away. here's a look at what we have new for you tonight. tonight police were on the hunt for a carjacker preying on women with children. we'll have a witness tell us what she saw when the robber struck; and if you gave your
5:49 pm
credit cards a serious workout over the holidays, we're going to help you get your budget back on track in living smart. plus, see how some proposed budget cuts could affect how you get around maryland. that's all coming up tonight at 6:00. a dusting. is that what you call it? >> it could be flurries, could be two dusting. the flurries don't accumulate. >> let's go with that plan, plan a. >> a dusting is kind of what it is. >> oh, okay. not going to miss those. >> that's right. >> let's start first with our friends down in florida, because it's been brutally cold down there. check out some of this video. this is from miami, 33 this morning in miami. okay, 14 in tallahassee, 32 in vero beach, 29 in orlando, 20 in jacksonville. >> man. >> and 24 in panama city, so i know it's extreme, but pretty cold from there. everything is relative. >> yeah, it is. >> 33 is darn cold for them. they set a record for electricity demand and according to our friends at pepco that's really hard to do,
5:50 pm
because air conditioners take way more juice than furnaces; but there you have it. okay. next three days look like this. we're going to be cold tomorrow. and then temps are going to start to go up a little bit. 35 tomorrow, a little breezy. a few clouds to start. and then 41 on wednesday, and upper 40s to near 50 on thursday. and we've not used the f word for quite some time. winds will become northwest early until a disturbance pushes through. let me show -- and you can track this at home. a line of showers and flurries south of 66 in particular. we'll zoom in down toward 66. oaksville, me nass success, a little activity out toward 28, and over charlie and cat lit, a little light snow and shower
5:51 pm
activity. in between rockville and clarkesville as you go up to 270, you'll run into a few flakes. don't freak out. go back to the computer. temperatures tonight into the 20s. right now in. tomorrow morning, returning partly cloudy, breezy cold, 20s and 30s, by afternoon. still cold, high temps only around 35. the front goes well to our south tomorrow. we will have snow showers in the mountains. it has been a phenomenal time for skiing, the first few times in january. the next several days. near 50 on thursday. i think we'll be 50 on friday. we'll keep sunday cloudy. and then back up to 50 with sunshine. a fairly quiet week of weather, actually. . got it. it's the story that won't go away. obviously a new development each day. >> you know what this franchise needs really badly. >> quiet.
5:52 pm
>> it needs ted leonzaz. we're in probate and have a state attorney dealing with the passing of the franchise. as with the participants in any crisis, the wizards are hoping until closure. until a grand jury, federal prosecutors, dc police and commissioners make their final determinations there will be no closure. as sarah walsh reports, more of this ongoing limbo in which the future of the franchise remains remains unknown. >> the wizards would love to move past off-court distractions, but the changes are taking players off the court. all missed practice monday morning, meeting with authorities concerning the gilbert arenas gun investigation, and the ongoing saga is wearing on players.
5:53 pm
>> pretty much look at it as two guys really made washington put a new team banner its place. not all traces of arenas were wiped out on sunday. the shown stevenson took to the court with the words "agent zero" taped to his legs. >> he's a human being and still needs love. >> here in the practice facility, an image of gilbert arenas remains on the wall. antoine jamison says he hasn't spoken to gilbert but knows he. he also knows with possible indictments coming, the news could get much worse. >> you want it to go away, but
5:54 pm
it's not. >> it might be something that is going to drag on through the year. >> arenas is serving a suspension. the question of whether either player will serve time remains. sarah walsh, another wizards player suspended today for a completely different set of circumstances. tell you about that at 6:00. it goes on. can being too clean be a bad thing? we explain why it be in tonight's living well report. we're always on on stay with us. the living well segment is next. cycycyc;c;ckccoc/c/
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
a new study analyzes what happens when you spend too much time in front of the television set. it's called the couch potato effect. the impact applies to everybody whether you're overweight, thin. it could pose deadly consequences. >> with every hour of television watched, there was an 18% increased chance of dying from heart disease. so every hour counts. >> and it doesn't stop there. there was a 9% increased risk of death from cancer and overall an 11% of premature deaths.
5:58 pm
the research points out that this applies to all sedentaryly lifestyles. could parents be too worried about protecting their kids from germs? we take a look at how researchers are testing how good jerps could be the answer to kids not getting sick. >> reporter: kids getting down and dirty on the playground. do you ever worry about the kind of jerps your child could be picking up on their hands or putting in their mouth. a new study says parents don't need to worry about cleanliness so much. >> reporter: jerps in the environment, germs that you might encounter in dirt and, you know, within your household that might actually have some beneficial effects long term. >> reporter: chris kooswa says his group started following a group of children in the philippines 26 years ago and found that exposure to dirty environments early in life lowers c-reactive protein. it is a substance that inflames
5:59 pm
blood vessels and may raise heart attack risk later in life. so what's the connection? >> there is a need for the immune system to have some kind of challenge and to experience low-level pathogens within the environment. this is actually an important part of how the immune system develops. >> reporter: encouraging findings, but kooswa says you're a long way from encouraging people to go out and pick up germs. >> i think it would be very preliminary at this point to ask parents to do anything differently with their kids based on what we found. >> reporter: except maybe stress a little less. i'm anita brickman for 9 news now and >> although not all environmental germs are bad, doctors remind kids to wash their hands five times a day to prevent the spread of h1n1 and other cold and flu viruses. thanks for joining us for 9 news at five. 9 news at six with lesley starts right now. >> from the first local station with news in high definition, this is 9 news now. >> reporter: and good evening. i'm lesley foster. we just can't seem to get a break. more winter weather is on the

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